Business Services

Building comprehensive and qualitative information systems

Converse Infotech has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Intelligence Applications and Data Warehousing solutions to clients. These help architect and implement end-to-end solutions that address and satisfy your business intelligence needs.

Converse Infotech’s Business Intelligence team comprises experts with deep understanding of the Business Intelligence Applications and technology architecture of Data Warehousing solutions. Converse Infotech addresses the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing needs of a far-spread customer base, providing development support and customized consultancy on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, with 24×7 customer support.

Our Data Warehouse project development processes include phases like Envision, Discover, Architect, Construct, Validate, Deploy, and Production Support. Converse Infotech adopts an Iterative Warehouse Development Strategy that will enable active participation of potential data warehouse users resulting in real, immediate and high profile benefits, higher Return on Investment, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. In-depth experience in products from leading market players like:

  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • Micro Strategy
  • Business Objects
  • Informatica

Converse Infotech has rich experience in executing projects in most aspects of Data Warehousing including:

  • End-to-end Data Mart/ Data Warehouse solution
  • Data Migration, including ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Loading) and database integration
  • Data Cleansing, and Quality assessment
  • Business Intelligence, Decision Support and Reporting

Solutions range from simple point solutions providing reporting functionality to solutions to generate an integral customer profile.

Customer targeting and acquisition

As a global leader in providing information, analytics and marketing services to organisations, Experian enables informed decision-making. By integrating and analyzing data from all sources, Experian provides a 360-degree view of consumers and their behaviours that enable superior targeting through increasingly ubiquitous digital media.

Experian’s target-marketing platforms and databases help in identifying the right customer for your business to achieve maximum value and minimum risk. Our tools for customer acquisition empower you to manage the entire ‘application-to-customer’ life-cycle, connect to all relevant internal and external data sources, apply strategy across all platforms of your business and prevent application frauds.

Customer Management

In today’s highly competitive landscape, spiraling customer acquisition costs and demanding consumers make it imperative for financial service providers to actively engage and retain their portfolio of customers. Experian’s solutions provide revealing insights into customer needs and behaviors so that you can market the right products to the right customers.

Data and analytics

Data is a critical and strategic tool that powers business today. At Experian, we have spent over 30 years refining our expertise in interpreting data and leveraging it to create more valuable and profitable customer relationships for our clients. Our best-in-class analytics solutions transform data into information, enabling organisations to accurately predict applicant and customer behaviour.

Business information services

Experian Business Information Services provides information on millions of companies from more than 220 countries. The Experian Business Information Report or BIR has enabled thousands of banks, credit gaurantors, exporters, importers and businesses to achieve their growth targets while better managing credit risk associated with it. Every Experian BIR includes a standardized score of 0-100 making it easy to understand, interpret and use. It is more granular and can be used in global risk management across sectors, geographies and company types. Another unique feature of the report is the recommended credit limit for the company in evaluation.